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More difference, less cost

HiPPOS a new perspective for your business

HiPPOS is a cloud-based POS system that will help you ignite your business by taking it to the next level. The Stalione Group development team has given their best effort and come up with a brilliant solution to make this product more user friendly, easy to understand, and much more amazing features so that this Cloud-based POS system can reduce your workload drastically and increase the profit of your business by increasing the sales.

Billing and Order Processing

Manage your bills & orders in an efficient way

Multiple Payment Methods

Different options  can be used to pay your bills such as credit cards, debit cards.

Inventory Management

Store and maintain stock information in a much easy and effective way


Get your daily, weekly, monthly reports and customized reports can be generated

HiPPOS POS system Cloud based

Leading the new Digital World

We all know that we are heading into the digital world deeper and deeper. Therefore, we invite you to digitalize your business from the traditional system through our Cloud-based POS system to cope up with this evolving digital world.

Cloud based POS application Stalione Group
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Why choose HiPPOS ?

HiPPOS is the first product of Stalione Group that was introduced to the market. We are happy and confident that this product is designed in a way to meet all your needs effectively in a less amount of time. Why
should you use this Cloud-based POS system for your retailers, do you think? Here’s why:

  •  It reduces the process time.
  •  Has a user-friendly interface
  •  High speed cloud data transaction
  •  Real-time reporting
  •  Inventory management
  •  High security
  •  Simple and easy  customer manager to  track all the customer data
  •  Multiple payment methods available
  •  Create multiple user accounts and permissions

These are few of the main features available in this Cloud-based POS system. Our development team has considered even the minute details of the normal POS to make this system work exactly the same way but less complicated. As this process is less time consuming your customers will be happy to visit you again as you value their time. Now some of you will have another thought that I am not much into technology will I be able to use the Cloud-based POS system. Contact us we will help you with every details of how to setup the system, how to use the system and also we will provide you a manual with the complete guide to use the system from the beginning.

Device compatibility
Easy to use
Cloud based POS application Australia



Checkout the HiPPOS packages that are available choose the one that best suits your business for a much affordable price. You will the find the best features that you will be happy that you purchased HiPPOS. The Packages and prices are given below.

AUD 700

Monthly licensing cost: AUD 99 / user (GST inclusive)

Ongoing support: AUD 150 / month (Optional)

Experience the Difference

We have incorporated the latest tools and techniques to break down the most complicated processes into simple and understandable features. By adding few details or clicking few buttons you will get the desired results in just few seconds that took hours to process when done manually.

Cloud based POS application Australia

The menu can be added and updated without much effort

Cafe & Bar

Manage stock and keep track of stock availability

Delivery & Take Away

Order your favorite dishes from your comfort zone

Fast Food

This system will help you to do your work fast by amazing customers

Easy Billing

Billing process is made easy, you can generate a bill with few clicks

Customer Satisfaction

The customers will be happy to visit your store the next time

Questions ?

Let's talk

Are you have any question about our Cloud-based pos system ? We are happy to help and answer any of your questions. Send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Cloud based POS system Stalione Group