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Thrive your business through the latest features & technologies incorporated in HiPPOS

A comprehensive overview of our features

There are many details that we have considered when creating this Cloud based POS system. Among those the most important features that are available in this HiPPOS POS system are given below you can view the main features and how  they serve you when you purchase the system.

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High speed cloud transactions

All day to day data are stored in cloud with high speed internet

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Multiple payment

One payment can be done with multiple payment methods such as cash, credit cards, debit cards.

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Scalable & Adaptable

The system can be adjusted as per your requirements

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Integrated in other platforms

HiPPOS can be integrated into e-commerce sites, CRM, marketing platforms

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Real-time data viewing

Access, view, analyze and explore the live process of the system

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Customer facing display

The display will face the customer giving them access to the list of menu